Web Application: Commissioning


Development of a web application for a textile supplier to support the picking and delivery of Shopware orders.

  • Administration of orders is performed via Shopware
  • Warehouse picking via Pickware iPhone App
  • Web application supports the control of delivery, the weighing process, labeling:
    • Listing of active orders from Shopware
    • Registration of the picked articles using a barcode scanner
    • Checking by counting boxes and individual items
    • Recording of the weighed weights
    • Automatic printing of commission labels
    • Generation of a packing list after completion of the check and dispatch by mail to order management
  • Adjustments in Shopware:
    • Interface design according to customer CI via own plugin
    • Additional free text fields in documents through adapted document templates in the Child Theme

Special Features:

  • API interface to Shopware
  • Support for Barcode Scanner
  • Support for label printers
  • Support for Touch Screen Monitor by large control elements
  • Development of a special keypad for touch screen input of box numbers and weights
  • Document generation of commission labels and packing lists as PDF documents
  • Serial processing
  • User authentication and role concept
  • Multilingual (German, English, Macedonian [prepared])