Pharma Website


Creation of a WordPress website according to exact design specifications of the customer using the WordPress Site Builder Oxygen.

An important requirement in this project was the easy maintenance of the website by the customer himself.

In accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, the contents of the website are for the most part only accessible after DocCheck login. Without login, the vertically arranged main menu displays descriptions. The actual menu links are only visible after login.

The menu areas (title, symbol, description) are implemented via PODS.
The customer can easily edit the descriptions and symbols for the menu areas himself, manage the menus with WordPress tools.
The search is only available after successful login.

Depending on the assigned page category, different sphere graphics are displayed in the lower right corner.

For easy editing by the customer, source references and source information in the WordPress Gutenberg Editor are simply marked with square brackets. At runtime, these markings are automatically recognized, optically converted according to the customer's specifications and correctly linked.
The legal labels ® and © are also automatically recognized and superscripted at runtime, both in the text, as well as in headings and image and table captions.

When editing pages and articles it is determined whether the contents are to be protected by a DocCheck login. This is shown in the list view for a quick overview.

To minimize the time and effort required for processing by the customer, preview images of the PDF document are automatically generated and displayed during PDF downloads.

All specific functional adaptations were made using Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and Code Snippets. They are therefore encapsulated and uncritical for WordPress plugin updates.