Substantial Times


Online magazine based on WordPress, Site Builder Oxygen and Gutenberg according to the client's layout and design specifications.

An important requirement for this project was the complete, flexible and at the same time simple maintenance of the website by the customer.

The strict layout and design specifications were implemented down to the last detail.


  • Editing of all content in Gutenberg
  • Date of first publication and republication
  • Indication and linking of external sources and authors
  • Support of fixed image formats (3:2, 16:9, 1:1, 2:3, 3:4, 9:16) for the article image
  • Author profiles
  • Custom Gutenberg blocks for article headers, image with mandatory source citation, animated number
  • Title story for the home page, and lead article per resort
  • Selection and sorting of resorts on the homepage
  • Filtering of articles on the homepage to avoid duplicates in the event of multiple resort assignments
  • Articles as pop-up display
  • Dynamic navigation elements for resorts
  • Dynamic selection of articles in cross-reference lists "Related topics", "Also interesting"
  • GDPR-compliant integration of external videos and podcasts
  • Embedded videos and podcasts replace the original cover image of the article in certain views
  • Multi-language (prepared)

Gutenberg block "Article header"

The Gutenberg block "Article header" implemented especially for this project offers 12 different layouts for the respective presentation type of the article (title story, editorial, normal article for the start page and resorts).

Gutenberg block "Image + Text + Credits"

The Gutenberg block "Image + Text + Credits" implemented especially for this project requires the mandatory specification of alternative text and source, and allows direct editing of the caption.

Gutenberg block "Animated Number"

The Gutenberg block "Animated Number" implemented especially for this project generates an animation from the article image and the specified number in all display modes. The animation is automatically restarted when the article appears on the screen.